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Nut-Head Productions Guarantee


  • What is the purpose of the site? Do you want to provide information, promote a service, sell a product… ?
  • What do you hope to accomplish by building this web site? Two of the more common goals are either to make money or share information.
  • What kind of audience and location are you targeting?
  • What kind of information (content) will the target audience be looking for on your site?
  • How many web pages do you need?
  • How many photos will there be on your website? Do you require a photo gallery?
  • Do you need graphics designed for the header/banner?
  • Do you require a logo design?
  • Do you want a slide show?
  • Do you want search engine optimization to insure your website is search engine friendly?
  • Do you need a domain name?
  • Do you need a hosting package?
  • How much money do you want to spend on your website?
  • What are some of your favourite websites? What elements do you like about them?

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  • How many pages are required.
  • Type of navigation links – text links, graphic images, roll-over graphic images.
  • Online contact forms.
  • Custom-made graphics for the header/banner, navigation images, logo.
  • How many photos do we need to insert? Are the photos in digital format?
  • Are we inserting videos or some kind of photo effects?
  • Are we optimizing the website?
  • Are you supplying all your text?

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The following is a brief breakdown of the usual steps followed while creating a new website.

The web developing process.

1. Free Initial Consultation
The free initial consultation is an information gathering session. We will simply discuss your needs and put together a basic structure of your content. We will also discuss domain name registration and website hosting needs. (Click here for Questions to Get You Started).

2. Free Cost Estimate
A Free Cost Estimate will be given, based on the information gathered during the Initial Consultation. Every attempt will be made to give as accurate a Cost Estimate as possible. There are no obligations upon receiving the Free Cost Estimate.

3. Complete Content Structure Plan
Assuming the Cost Estimate is accepted, we will create a complete content structure, a site map. The site map is a list of all main topic areas of the site, as well as sub-topics, if applicable, along with page descriptions. Text-based content must be tailored for each page's purpose. Meta tags, for search engine optimization purposes, are prepared based on this information.

4. Visual Layout Design / Feedback
Once the content is prepared, the Visual Layout will be designed using a mock-up page. It is important to incorporate elements such as your organization logo and/or colors to help strengthen the identity of your organization on the web. A Visual Layout, mock-up page, will be designed and presented. Changes and/or additions will then be made until the layout meets your satisfaction.

5. Website Development, Testing & Launch
Once the mock-up page has been approved, the content is inserted, and the website hand-coded. The pages are run through a SEO (search engine optimization) program and tailored until they are perfect. The website will now be tested to ensure that everything is in proper working order and validates with W3C standards.

6. Client Approval
At this point the website will be presented for Client Approval. See our guarantee here.

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Website Developing Information