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  Nut-Head Productions Custom Website Design
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ChaseDJ.comLooks perfect! Thank you so much Shirley :) You've done a wonderful job! - Chase Jensen, Arts & Animation


Mad Hat ArtsShirley worked hard and long on a comprehensive website for my non-profit MadHat Arts, encompassing Mad Hatters' Review, our new Blog, Retreat and Press. It all looks fantastic.

I've worked with Shirley since 2005 and I've never ceased to marvel at her patience, creativity, and good humor. Thank you, Shirley!!!! - Carol Novack, Publisher, Mad Hatters' Review, President, MadHat Arts, Inc.


Skipper Jim's Boat Tours, Newfoundland, CanadaWow Shirley! We all Love it! Yet again you have exceeded my expectations. You have proven to be the master of your craft again. You have turned the vision I had for my Dads site into another beautiful Master Piece. My Dad was so thrilled with his Father’s Day Gift. This was the third website we created together and to say it was a pleasure to work with you again is an understatement ~ You are a gem. I am looking forward to our fourth site From the Ocean to the Moon the Sky is truly the limit here we go again... Many Thanks ~ Daynna Alexander ( &

Twillingate Astronomical ObservatoryI am quite happy with the work that you have done on my "skipper jim boat tour " [website] . The info is very easy to access. ... I love the song that Daynna has chosen. Jim Gillard ( &


Ryan Dore EnterprisesGreat to work with, fast and really was able to build exactly what I was looking for in a modern website. I would recommend Shirley to anyone. :) Ryan Dore, Owner/Operator Ryan Dore Enterprises.


Progressive PromotionsOMG!!! I love it! Thank you so much! Kelly Fitzpatrick, Owner/Operator Progressive Promotions.


Lake Country CycleLooks awesome. Cheers, Cam (Owner/Operator Lake Country Cycle)


Elixin PharmShirley is a creative professional who takes pride in delivering exactly what the client needs. She is highly responsive, incredibly efficient and a real pleasure to work with. Web design is, by its very nature, an iterative process. Shirley has the patience and temperament to work with the client as they go through the inevitable (!) process of changing their minds about what they really want. I was absolutely amazed at the quality of the final website which Shirley was able to create in such a short time. Thanks, Shirley, for making this a wonderful experience! Dr. G. Susan Srivatsa, President, ElixinPharma


SurvivorshipIt has been a delight working with Shirley. She has done wonders for our website and always has the best attitude, no matter what the time frame or issues might be. Besides her technical skills, she is wonderfully creative as well. The best combination for this type of work. Praises to Shirley. Dvora Gordon Survivorship


Wendy Porter, mom said to tell you she absolutely LOVES IT ALL and that you are the most amazing, talented designer! ... She just loves it! As do I! Tannis Porter. Wendy Porter, Artist


Accugent Laboratories, Inc.I would like to sincerely thank you for all the help in getting the website up and running at such short notice. It is a great help for us at Accugent! Ming Fai Chan, D.Phil. Accugent Laboratories, Inc.


Danielle Harshenin, ArtistThe most fabulous web designer in the world! VERY detail oriented and patient. If you are looking for a webbie that will bring your ideas to life online, Nuthead Productions is a sure thing. She really listens to what you want/need and is a master of creativity when designing your perfect website. I have always been very pleased with her work – she not only designed my website, but continues to maintain it. Very prompt service when it comes to updates. Definitely not your average web-service – she is incredibly fair, always friendly and professional, and never lets you leave less-than-ecstatic. She works very closely with her clients every step of the way to Danielle Harshenin, Artistensure you are happy with every fine detail of your site. I would recommend her to ANYONE who wants a website made that truly represents them/their business as she is amazingly talented and has made my website nothing but a pleasant experience for me! Thank you!!!! Danielle Harshenin, Artist


Okanagan Fashion InstituteIt's soooooo fabulous!! I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! You are so talented!! Tannis Porter, Director Okanagan Fashion Institute

(General page updates & graphics/collages added)


Thanks so much for your help and your timely emails. You were honestly the most pleasant web designer I've ever dealt with! Shallon Dahl, Desperate People Fashion


Marja Hagborg Official Website I just wanted to say one more time: I LUV IT. Anders luvs it too. I'm sooooo happy. I'm sure people who see it want to hire you as their website designer. Absolutely grrreat job. Marja Hagborg, Marja Hagborg Official Website


Piece of Maui Paradise Condo Rental It was a pleasure working with you :-) You're awesome Shirley!! We are very pleased with the end result of our site. You have exceeded our expectations. Many thanks and cheers... oh.. and .... Mahalo! Daynna & Trevor, Piece of Maui Paradise Condo Rental


LiL SproutzYou are an ANGEL!!!! Thanks very much, super job. Sarah Arnault, LiL Sproutz


Art by AirdI am speechless. You're the greatest...text looks good, classy. The bio is, well, you know, WOW! I'll never get any drawing done, I'll be too busy watching my web site. Steve Aird, Artist, Art by Aird


San Diego Smart Energy Solutions CampaignThe site looks great – you and Larry did a top-notch job and were a true pleasure to work with. Micah Mitrosky, San Diego Smart Energy Solutions Campaign


GESS BandOver the past year it has been my considerable pleasure to have a website created and mastered for our high school music program by Shirley Harshenin. Her expertise at incorporating media, humor, theory, sound files, powerpoints and more has created a truly diverse and interesting portal to explore the many facets of our program.

In addition I am frankly shocked at the speed with which she responds to inquiries and updates. Does this woman ever sleep?!?!?!?!? Sergei Ryga, GESS Band Director


Coconuts ComicsIn the short time that Shirley has taken over the helm of my website, it has become far better than I ever imagined it could be. She comes up with wonderful surprises that I did not expect. As a creative person, I am consistantly impressed with her ability to present my work in the best possible light, with little input from me. I appreciate her honesty, too, like when she says stuff like, "You call that a freakin' punchline?!!" I am SO lucky I was able to trick her into taking it over for me! Now to delete that last line before I send it. Oops, something's, I'll do it later. Phil Nelson, Creator of Coconuts & Cartoon Editor,


Janice J HeissShirley, you were so great to work with. In my day job, I write for a website and work with a web production team, so I have experience in this area and you were a dream to work with - thanks again. Janice J. Heiss


Desert Protective Council Desert Sandbox

"The Desert Protective Council is thrilled with the creative work of Nut-Head Productions. The Nut-Head website designer created unique art work and layout for the DPC which captures the colors and textures of the desert and reflects the tone and work of our group. One of the most striking aspects of Nut-Head Productions is the speed with which they respond to our requests for updates and changes to our website content. The web mistress more often than not makes the requested changes within one hour. There has never been a design or content change that Nut-Head Productions was unable to execute." ~ Terry Weiner, Imperial County Conservation and Projects Coordinator, Desert Protective Council, Inc. & Desert Sandbox


David Coyote's DenCoyote's Classic Cars

"If not for the tireless and multi-talented efforts of Shirley Harshenin, my website would not exist. She, more than any other, works to make my site as comfortable as it is. My undying thanks go out to her every day! If you're looking for talent to develop your site you can not do better than to ask her." ~ David Coyote, Author, Artist & Designer, David Coyote's Den & Coyote's Classic Cars


Mad Hatters' Review Publisher, Carol Novack"Our web slave is Shirley Harshenin, maestress of nutheadproductions, a wonderful, creative web designer in BC, Canada. I don't believe in saints, but she is the most patient person I've ever known, putting up with all sorts of confusion and alterations and always willing to expend the considerable time and energy it takes us to create each issue. She definitely deserves a salary in the six figures. Fortunately, Shirley feels like one of the gaggle, which she certainly is (a true Mad Hatter) so she doesn't expect to be paid her worth, at this time. I feel really lucky to have found her. Shirley comes up with great ideas; the mag is a labor of love and passion for all of us." ~ Carol Novack, Publisher, Mad Hatters' Review


Creative Solutions Counselling"Shirley is professional and works fast, producing quality results. I recommend her web site service whenever possible to people I talk to." ~ Hugh McGillivray, Creative Solutions Counselling


Tantra Bensko, Art Director Mad Hatters' Review"Working with Shirley as webmistress for has been a pure joy, spreading light through my soul. She is consistently hard working, punctual, personable, graceful about making repeated changes to hone our group vision. A great pleasure of being the art director of the magazine has been the opportunity to work with Shirley, and she is always professionally on an even keel, and personally a delight." ~ Tantra Bensko, Art Director, Mad Hatters' Review


Alla Michelle Watson"Shirley Harshenin is a highly professional, experienced web designer with strong interpersonal skills and a service-oriented attitude. Her experience building websites from conception to production rollout contributed greatly to success of our magazine. Thanks, Shirley, for your enthusiastic, can-do attitude!" ~ Alla Michelle Watson, Associate Editor, Mad Hatters' Review